Distribution of electrical and industrial products

Produits electrolation is the first choice in Quebec and across Canada to offer you the best electrical insulation, caulking and wiring products. Having over 40 years of service in the field, we are able to provide the best products.

Over 40 years of expertise

We have it in stock

Our strength and our promise is to provide you with the materials you need when you need it. We make sure to keep in stock a wide range of our products. We offer sealants , adhesives, abrasives , sleeves , paints, varnishes and we have it in inventory.

Short turnaround

Because we have a large inventory of various materials we provide, we are able to send you what you need in a very short time. When you need sleeves, silicone, flexible insulation or other, we have it.

Excellent service

We offer technical support on all our products. The members of our team are on the lookout for different components and will be able to answer your questions about various material, whether for electronic or industrial engines.


We are able to offer competitive prices because we have our own inventory. We offer the best product on the market for a competitive price.